Partnering and exchanging lessons learned with anti-trafficking stakeholders across the globe.

True change can only occur when organizations, government ministries and other advocates work together. The Global Learning Community project gleans on lessons learned by Chab Dai and our partners in Cambodia, the US, Canada and across the globe to share information, expertise and resources across international borders regarding emerging issues, gap areas, evidence-based practice, collaboration models and research. We do this in a variety of sectors including with government and UN agencies, other non-profits/NGOs, community advocates and academics. Currently this projects works closely with partners in South Asia, Africa, Europe and Central America.


Bringing new connectivity to the movement.

The Freedom Collaborative is an online platform for organizations, agencies, institutions and advocates to exchange resources and information.

In conjunction with Chab Dai’s Global Learning Community project, Freedom Collaborative is an online platform that seeks to integrate every facet of the anti-trafficking movement, enabling advocates, practitioners, policymakers and researchers to contribute to and draw from its collective knowledge base. Through use of the platform’s Freedom Library, international Freedom Registry, Expert and Advocacy profiles and a collaborative interactive map, all those interested in the cause can communicate, exchange resources and collaborate in real time.